50 feet
16 feet
Max Load:
21 Passengers
Overnight or Longer:
11 bunks 11 person max

(619) 500-6797

The Outrider is a 50’ Delta of fiberglass construction that was built in 1976. She was built at the Delta Marine factory in Washington and is designed to handle the heavy rough seas of the northern west coast region. Outrider sits low to the water with a heavy hull and deep keel that helps make for a stable smooth ride even when compared against much larger vessels.

The boat features the latest technology in communications and navigation, as well as new side scanning sonar in 2021. All USCG required safety gear is inspected and approved by the USCG annually for your safety. There’s ample deck space all around with plenty of space at the rail. The vessel features two large capacity bait tanks for the best live baits available. It has recently been upgraded with a brand new RSW (refrigerated salt water) spray brine fish hold to keep your catch exceptionally cold and fresh.

The bunk room is heated/air conditioned and has 10 spacious, comfortably padded bunks. Clean pillow cases and blankets are provided for every trip (unless restricted by COVID regulations or otherwise). The two heads feature running water and each is equipped with the ability to take warm showers. Our galley is fully stocked and ready to serve hot meals, snacks, and ice cold beverages and hot coffee. The galley also includes a large flat screen TV with DirecTv satellite service and thousands of movies for entertainment. And if you enjoy listening to tunes while you fish, we have speakers throughout the boat! ***Capt. Jeff loves to play AC/DC's "Thunderstruck" during a hot bite!***